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Department News

Winners Announced for 2017 EMA Scholarship! October 06, 2017Department News
Dr. Changfeng Gui Organizing Banff Workshops!!! October 05, 2017Department News

Dr. Gui is organizing the upcoming BIRS workshop in April 2018. 

New Calculus Lab! August 28, 2017Department News
Dr. Gelu Popescu, Plenary Speaker at International Conferences July 11, 2017Department News

Dr. Popescu travels to speak about operator theory and noncommutative polyballs.

A Nonlinear Interpolation Theorem with Applications to Nonlinear Diffusion Problems April 17, 2017Department NewsEventsSeminars

Dr. Hauer from the University of Sydney will be giving a seminar over Nonlinear Interpolation on Friday, April 21 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM in the Flawn Building, Room 4.01.20!!!